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Fossil Shell Calcified Welk


Calcified Shell Busycon carica knobbed Welk: Pleistocene Era, Found in Orlando, Florida. Mildly fluoresces yellow; 3×2-3/4×2″ weight 11.95oz


Calcified Fossil Shell: Busycon carica knobbed Welk Pleistocene Era, Florida. Beautiful honey calcite crystals have filled or replaced shell material during fossilization. These shells are UNIQUE; from the Early Pleistocene, up to 2.6 million years old allowing the shell to become completely filled or replaced by calcite crystals. ***This piece is composed of a couple of shells melded together.  FLUORESCENT YELLOW and PHOSPHORESCENT GREEN under UV light. The camera photos are NOT ACCURATE UV COLORS as the Filters changes the calcite yellow to BLUE. YOU will SEE THE CALCITE UNDER UV as a LIGHT YELLOW GLOW. Collected in east Orlando FL by one person years prior to Rucks Pit opening. There are many specimens available. The Material has been cleaned and excess trimmed but not enhanced. You will receive the specimen pictured. The specimen will be shedding sand, matrix, calcite etc… This is normal and unavoidable. A specimen information card is included. PS there is no fossil certification on these as posted on other sellers sites, this is a seller generated advertising gimmick. Calcified shells cannot be faked.

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