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Tumbled Fossil Wood Large


This is for one pound of Large 15 to 20 count per pound Tumbled Fossil Wood 10 Lbs. available

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Fossil Wood is a common type of fossil that is found all over the United States. Many people have picked up a cool looking rock and been surprised to find that that it looks like it has tree rings, branches, or even bark. These beautiful, desirable, collector pieces can be fun to hunt and are common enough that many people often know spots near their own homes to find them.Texas is a rockhounds dream for collecting petrified wood! With petrified wood found in over 30 counties, and plenty of private land for collecting, much cataloging of rockhound locations has been done.Below are several locations that allow public collecting of petrified wood. The best samples are found exposed on the surface, but the easiest pieces to find are with the help of water! Try the following regional locations next time you’re drivingRiver beds are the easiest places to find petrified wood in Texas. In countless rivers across Texas stones travel many miles and are washed clean and polished by the water. Often times, petrified wood cobbles and stones can be found while searching through river stones.These are often identified by the rings and cells of wood, though surface features have been polished away by years tumbling in the rivers. My favorite river is the Brazos River, but other rivers include the Rio Grande River, the Canadian River, and the Pecos River. All of these rivers have an abundance of stones.

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